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For improved quality, colour and taste.

Key Benefits

Improved colour formation

Improved brix levels

Better fruit firmness

Earlier harvest (faster maturation)



Technical Data:

Sulis builds maturity (colour and brix) in fruit crops. It works by supplying molybdenum and boron in a special formulation that helps the fruit maximise the function of the enzymes responsible for maturation, building better levels of colour and brix to allow earlier picking.


Sulis combines these nutrients with Levity’s Blush technology, which promotes the functioning of the plant’s natural maturation processes whilst ensuring nutrients required for maturation are available.


Sulis also contains cell wall stabilisers, so that whilst colour and sugars build, the developing fruit can also maintain firmness and post harvest shelf life. Normally, there is a trade-off between colour and sugar formation and softening, Sulis is designed to manage this process so that farmers can get the taste they need whilst still picking fruit that’s firm.

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More Info

Much of the food produced by farmers is not sold due to poor gradings and quality problems. Size, taste, colour and uniformity are all impacted on by plant physiology. Levity is using the understanding of what creates the problem to research ways to improve the grading and quality of fruit and vegetable crops. Our research is making blueberries, strawberries, grapes, peppers, apples and tropical fruit crops sweeter and more colourful.

The special formulation of Sulis helps fruit build better levels of colour and brix to allow earlier picking. It promotes the processes of maturation that are normally triggered by the hormone ABA. Importantly, Sulis does this without causing a spike in ethylene, which can retard shelf life and create quality problems.

The processes of maturation require molybdenum and boron, but as molybdenum does not produce visible deficiency symptoms, the enzymes are often not adequately functioning, leading to a slow build of colour and sugars. The Blush technology that powers Sulis activates the plant’s natural process of maturity, whilst ensuring these key nutrients in the process are available.

By bringing maturity forwards, Sulis can also help farmers get crops to market earlier, enabling harvest to take place over a longer season.

Sulis on Apples

Encouraging Earliness in Apples

Sulis on Tomatoes

Encouraging Earliness in Tomatoes