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Improves stress tolerance.

Key Benefits

Protects plants from heat, drought, cold, salinity and UV

Promotes antioxidants

Improves flavour and colour

Improved maturity in high UV growing conditions

Reduces disease susceptibility




Technical Data:

Indra is a product that improves growth and quality of crops by helping them cope with stress caused by heat, cold, salinity, drought and high UV light. Stress causes crops to produce toxins (ROS) that damage cells and reduce quality.

Indra promotes the plant’s own antioxidant production and supplies the nutrients needed to make their manufacture possible. Indra can help protect crops from loss of quality and yield, improve colour, and reduce susceptibility to disease.

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evity’s scientists understand how crops respond to stress; this is helping us find ways to help crops help themselves. Indra has been created to enable farmers to use high salt irrigation water without losing yields, and to help crops carry on growing when hit by stressful growing conditions. Our research shows that stimulating the plant’s ability to protect itself from toxins produced when stressed can lift yield and quality in all crops.

UV Light Stress

The whole world relies on plants to use energy from sunlight to make food, but the wrong balance of sunlight can damage crops. In the Southern hemisphere, the ozone layer is thinner and more UVB rays get through the atmosphere and onto crops. Indra can stimulate production of antioxidants to give growers better crops.

Salinity and Drought

In arid and semi-arid parts of the world, overuse of groundwater aquifers is leading to seawater in infiltration. Over time the level of salt in the water fed to crops in many parts of the world is increasing, and it is reducing the yield of the crops it used to. Levity’s research shows that by helping plants remove toxins that accumulate when they take in salty water, yield loss can be prevented. Indra helps farmers get higher yields with better quality.

Heat and Cold 

The climate is changing and weather patterns are becoming less predictable. More crops are losing yield due to periods of high or low temperatures. By priming crops to allow them to cope when the weather gets tough, Indra helps farmers to safeguard yields and quality.

Reducing disease susceptibility

Stress weakens plant cells, and increases the level and severity of disease. Indra reduces the impact of stress producing stronger crops that are better able to resist disease. Levity’s research is demonstrating that managing stress can significantly reduce incidence of many fungal diseases.

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