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Active Boron for Fruit & Tuber Size.

Key Benefits

Better grading

Improved bulking of root crops

Higher marketable yield

Increased fruit, pod and tuber size



Technical Data:

Damu works by directing the flow of photosynthates in leaves towards roots, fruit and tubers. This helps the plant to use its energy to bulk up the crop rather than force late season leaf growth. This approach both safeguards quality, and improves size of crops ahead of harvest.

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More Info

Why is bulking important?

Direction of photosynthate flow is the strongest influence on grading late season. If growing conditions favour shoot growth then more undersized tubers or fruit occur and yield reduces. Damu focuses the plant on pushing resource into yield, forming complexes to move sugars and lifting size and quality.

Damu on Potato

How Boron Helps Potato Growth

Damu on Avocado

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