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Levity Crop Science UK

The Future of Fertiliser

Sustainable Crop Production


Science makes the difference

We are industry pioneers of bio-active crop enhancements, we drive new science and technology forward. Alongside agronomists and growers worldwide, we develop and deliver products that exceed current expectations in agriculture. Working intelligently with plants’ natural systems , our technologies enhance production without environmental damage.

Re-writing the rulebook

We create alternative products that work harder than the competition in terms of both crop yield and waste reduction. Our scientists and partners are world leaders, working directly with you and sharing a united passion for improving crop production.

Working until we get results

We are driven to improve the way food is grown, and its effect on the environment. Our products are scientifically proven to work and not mass produced just because they fit the ‘economies of scale’ model. We care about the difference our research is making.

Re-writing the rulebook on agriculture, Improving Yields With Sustainable Fertilisers

Levity Crop Science develop pioneering agricultural products that improve crop production, reduce waste, increase yields and earn farmers money.

The Lono Range

For higher yield.

Albina Granule

For Quality, Shelf Life and Health.


Improves stress tolerance.


For improved quality, colour and taste.


Active Boron for Fruit & Tuber Size.


For Stronger Healthier Crops.